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Welcome to the Provider Portal. Here you can…

  • List all of your retirement lending products
  • Keep your products updated live
  • Control when a product is live on the adviser site
  • View the latest Management Information on Adviser usage
  • See how often particular products have been excluded in adviser searches and why

Click here to learn more about how Air Sourcing has been developed around not only the Adviser experience, but also with Providers firmly in mind.

The product listing form has been designed to allow almost any time of secured lending product to be listed on the software. Air Sourcing is designed to be a product feature driven research tool for retirement lending products and this is evidenced by the very wide spread of product providers selected in searches.

It is advisable to add a “Master Product” listing all criteria that is common to a range of your products first and then utilising the “Copy” feature to list your actual products, negating the need for entering duplicated criteria.

If listing a product for the first time, or you have a question, help is available…
Contact [email protected] or call us on 01452 310777 (or 07494 488228 outside working hours) and we will guide you through adding your first products and getting the most of the system.

We will also send you regular updates including management information specific to your products.

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